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Swimming Against the Tide.

The conventional wisdom is wrong so often, that it would be simple to jump to the conclusion that it isn't wisdom if it is conventional. Not true ! However, you will only find disagreements here, because there is no interest in simple confirmation of the status quo. I will be adding new comments from time to time. As Glen Ford commented in Cimmaron, "What's the good in owning a newspaper, if you can't have a little fun with it." The repy function to send me your opinions has been disabled due to getting dozens, possibly hundreds of spams for every comment. Occasionally, I might post one or quote from it with credit, but generally speaking, clever people who agree with me will be considered as "preaching to the choir" and idiots who disagree can get their own pages.


Climate Science


Organized Atheism vs. the Ten Commandments

Immigration Reform

Do Pizza Coupons Really Sell Pizzas?

What's your first name?

Telephone Area Code Revisions.

Vegetarian Restaurants.

VOTE - None of the Above.

Leaving that seat up isn't as dumb as failing to put it down.

You may quote or publish any items from these pages, but please extend the courtesy of a credit when quoting, citing or reprinting ideas or opinions originating here. If you should actually make a profit on something, please make a donation to the Second Amendment Foundation. Thank you.

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